Help Improve Lives.
Join a Research Study.

By joining a product testing study or clinical trial, you can help scientists and product manufacturers develop the next generation of consumer products, medicines, technology, and more.

Why partcipate in a study?

Receive compensation for participating

Most studies offer payment or compensation for time and travel. We'll let you know what to expect during your first call with North Cliff.

Help move science forward

Sensory and medical device studies offer a way for almost anyone — regardless of their background — to help improve human health and wellbeing.

Learn about new products

Sensory and medical device studies help scientists and researchers uncover better ways to treat conditions that may affect you and your loved ones.

About North Cliff Consultants

North Cliff has served the Cincinnati area for more than 35 years, and is well-known for designing and conducting studies to gather meaningful and accurate data and consumer feedback.

North Cliff Consultants is part of Velocity Clinical Research, a leading multi-specialty investigative research site network. Together, Velocity and North Cliff will help drive the next generation of safe and effective products.


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